Latest NIE lots at the Barcelona Foreign Documentation Office

Stay up to date with the latest info for the NIE / TIE / Foreigner Identity Cards without having to travel in person! 

Lots published by the National Police / Policía Nacional located in Carrer de Mallorca 213, Barcelona

Previous appointment required. For appointment, visit the following link, then on the dropdown select POLICIA – RECOGIDA DE TARJETA DE IDENTIDAD DE EXTRANJERO (TIE).

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Frequently Asked Questions
what are the opening hours for the office?

Monday through Friday, from 9 to 14:30. Monday and Tuesday afternoons from 15:00 to 16:30.

Summer opening hours: From 9 to 14:30h

Do I need to make an appointment?

Due to COVID-19, appointments are now required. Visit to make an appointment.

Can I get a work absence JUSTIFICATION document?

Yes, after you’ve been attended you can ask the officer to give you a signed and stamped justification.